Refrigerated bar counters

What makes our refrigerated counters so special? Gasparini Frigoriferi quality and know-how. These are the main features:

  • depth of 56 cm or 68 cm;
  • counter length ranging from 100 to 500 cm with a single worktop;
  • monocoque refrigerated cell built in stainless steel with internal rounded edges, insulated and available in sizes ranging from 55 cm to 350 cm at positive or negative temperature;
  • compressor unit can be incorporated or remote;
  • digital electronic control unit provided;
  • static refrigeration, ventilated or with embedded evaporator;
  • refrigerated cells equipped with doors with magnetic closure and complete with internal grilles in plasticized wire with the option of installing steel grids or drawer units;
  • further accessories include sinks, drawer units, bottle racks, glass doors, drip trays for the tap system, ice trays;
  • worktop in stainless steel reinforced with a 42 mm three-layer wooden panel and complete with backsplash made of a single sheet.